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Save time with Marquee™!

No more wasting time, fiddling with queries, confusing data and errors. The pre-built data model has been extensively tested and optimized to give you the best query performance possible.

Reporting flexibility is a must!

Marquee™ enables self serve reporting using your browser. No need to call IT to install software! The environment allows you to start by copying existing reports or you can start from scratch.

Marquee™ is Your Reporting Superpower

For Unlocking the Power of Your Data

Web-Based Report Creation

Open your browser to the Marquee™ data set and start creating new reports and dashboards. Drag. Drop. Perfect!

Nothing to Install!

Marquee™ combines the experiences of real world Project Server clients and the Microsoft Project Engineering team to deliver an easy to use and easy to support reporting solution.

Mobile Reporting

Marquee™ dashboards are available on any mobile device, including Apple Watch, via the Power BI mobile applications.

Your Data, Anywhere You Need It

Marquee™ has mobile-ready dashboards that ensure your data is accessible at any time in any place. iOS, WatchOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms are supported.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance services are available to customize Marquee™ products to meet your specific organizational needs.

Amazing App Features

Our annual maintenance service plans enable you to make Marquee™ your own. Need a new measure, report or dashboard? No problem! We can put our team of experts on it.

Easy Print Support

Marquee™ supports printing of reports directly from, enabling you to easily share data with external team members.

Deliver Reports Via PDF or Paper

Marquee™ reports and dashboards automatically resize for computer screens and TV monitors. You can also set sizes to support both landscape and portrait printing, on any number of paper sizes.

Video Integration

Marquee™ allows you to embed an instructional video right there in your dashboard through the use of widgets.

Amazing App Features

Marquee™ enables you to embed instructional videos from either YouTube or Vimeo right in your dashboard. Simply add the widget to the dashboard, fill in the URL and you are done!

Direct Integration with PWA

See a problem? Marquee™ makes it easy to go directly to a project or issue, directly from a report or dashboard.

Navigate directly to a project from a report

Marquee™ enables you to navigate directly to underlying data, eliminating many of the steps needed to get to the source. Simply click the links next to a project or issue to see the information in PWA.

We Make Your Life Easier

Faster Report Creation


Did you know 70% of report development time is spent doing data plumbing?

Marquee™ eliminates this effort and saves you time.

According to Forrester Research, ad hoc reports compose 50% of all reports created each year within a company. The average time to create a report is 32 hours, where 70% of the time is spent getting connected to the data and writing the queries. Marquee™ eliminates this “data plumbing” work, enabling you to create new reports faster and with less cost than today.

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Powered by Microsoft Power BI

Marquee™ is built using Microsoft Power BI™ technology. This rapidly evolving tool ensures that you will stay current with the latest Business Intelligence trends.

If Microsoft Power BI or Microsoft Project make make a change that impacts reporting, Tumble Road has you covered. We’ll update your product to accommodate for those changes.

  • A faster and easier way to build your project reporting solution.
  • Beautiful out of the box reports and dashboards.
  • No software to install, everything runs in your browser.
  • One price for your instance. No user limit or user based pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions Regarding Marquee™.

Does this work with the free Power BI License?


Marquee™ is designed to use only Microsoft Power BI features that are supported by the free Power BI license. We highly recommend the Power BI Pro license.

Is there training available for Marquee™?


Tumble Road provides recorded basic training with the product. Additional training as private classes is available. Please contact us at

Is there a charge per user or per role?


Marquee™ is priced per Microsoft Project Web App instance. You can have as many users use it as you need to as one price covers them all.

Do I have to install any software?


You can create new Marquee™ reports and dashboards directly from your browser. No software to download or maintain. No need for PC administrator rights either.

Can I control who has access?


Marquee™ uses Azure Active Directory accounts to login. Therefore, users must be authenticated to use. Also, Power BI allows you to designate who can user a report.

Do you accept procurement cards?


Tumble Road supports credit card processing for major credit cards like American Express, Visa and Mastercard, as well a corporate procurement cards.

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